making a coat rack with cutlery is not a crooked idea

Ideal in a kitchen, this wall hook is your ally for hanging up jackets, aprons and ladles. To make this functional decoration, follow Caroline’s DIY tutorial, in replay on the show “You are redoubtable”, on break this summer until the start of the school year.

Sometimes it happens that you end up with mismatched cutlery, which you do not know what to do with. Imagine that with a few tools and imagination, you can make a personalized decorative object.

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Caroline Boeglin, our decoration blogger, suggests that you recycle your cutlery by giving it a new life. Make an original wall hook for your kitchen, entrance or hallway.

Take a ruler, screws and the following items:

  • Spoons and forks
  • A wooden plank
  • A round stick (broomstick type)
  • A drill with a forest for metal

You can use any wooden board, in her video tutorial, Caroline chose a cutting board to match the decor of a kitchen, but you can adapt the length of your wooden board. It also uses three forks and a teaspoon, so it’s up to you to use whatever cutlery you want or even vary the style of cutlery you set.

First step, drill your cutlery using a designer screwdriver equipped with a drill bit for metal, adapted to the diameter of your screws. Apply a fork to the wooden board, mark the place for the sideburns with a marker and pierce. Proceed in the same way for the other cutlery.

Then twist the pierced cutlery upside down, so that once bent, it is the top of the cutlery that appears. For pliers on a regular basis, use a broomstick.

Finally, screw the first fork to the required height, then draw a line to be able to align the rest. Position the other cutlery with even spacing depending on the length of your board.

Finally, add fasteners to hang the board on the wall. If you want to exploit the fun and quirky side of your coat hook, you can install it in another room, for example a bathroom or a hallway.

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