Martinique in the pre-epidemic phase

Influenza cases are under surveillance. In weeks S18 and S19, the number of consultations for flu-like illness developed

by general practitioners on the island was relatively high for the season: 170 and 145 consultations respectively.

The number of visits to the pediatric emergency room for flu-like illness increased in W18 compared to the weeks

previous ones with 7 passages against 3 on average. In S19, the number of passages remained high with 8 passages recorded.

In the past two weeks, no visit has been followed by hospitalization.

The health authorities have therefore placed the island in the pre-epidemic phase. Respecting barrier gestures remains the best way to protect yourself from the flu. In order to effectively fight against the transmission of all viruses, including that of the flu, or even that of COVID-19, it is necessary to continue to apply barrier gestures.

The flu vaccine is the most effective means of protection.

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