Miracle in Paris, Neymar is unrecognizable! – Sport.fr

For Denis Balbir, this new look PSG is going in the right direction with in particular a found Neymar.

Double scorer yesterday during the crushing victory of PSG against Nantes (4-0) at the Champions Trophy, Neymar scored points. In particular with the journalist Denis Balbir, who admits to being pleasantly surprised by the metamorphosis of the Brazilian.

“Neymar is a good example of this new Paris. Does his metamorphosis surprise me? Yes and no. No, because he is still a high quality player. Yes because it is changing completely. In demeanor, the Brazilian was unsuitable so far. I have the impression that he realized that it was the year or never for him to finally be the player that PSG is waiting for and not just this irregular talent that sometimes enchants us and often annoys us.

With its new stricter disciplinary framework, I like this PSG. Beyond the transfer window, there is a real structural change taking place. Was this what was missing in Paris to finally succeed at European level? Time will tell us. At PSG, the problem has never been the coach. Carlo Ancelotti, Unai Emery, Thomas Tuchel… Almost all the technicians who passed through Paris won titles on a European scale after their passage. This shows that the concern was elsewhere, in the locker room, in the organization.

Paris had to suffer some trauma to understand it: the comeback against Barça, the elimination against Madrid… These bitter failures pressed on the real problem and QSI seems, this time, to have analyzed things well: beyond talent , it takes discipline. In this regard, locker room players like Marquinhos or Ramos will be important… Just like Luis Campos behind the scenes. An osmosis is being created. »

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