More than 800,000 euros scammed from a French family in Morocco

The Bitcoin scam started in 2020. The alleged scammer is Yassine*, a 22-year-old young man from a large family who rubbed shoulders with the daughter of Michel*, a Frenchman who had been living in Morocco for 12 years, in the American School of Marrakech. Both become part of a “close-knit group of friends, the parents know each other and see each other often”. Years later, he “presented himself as a laudable and safe financial investment specialist”. He initially managed to convince his old friends to invest a few small sums. Afterwards, it’s the parents’ turn to double the bet.

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Michel, his granddaughter, his eldest daughter, her fiancé, as well as the mother-in-law have invested all their savings. Another French family, whose father is a wealthy industrialist, along with three other Moroccan families, have invested huge sums of money in bitcoin. “When we placed in the 200,000 DH, he told us shortly after that we had won in the 50,000 DH. The bait was therefore extraordinary. It lasted all summer. When autumn arrived, he began to ask us for a lot more money with much larger investments”, explains to H24 Info Michael.

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To perfect his plan, Yassine sent them contracts in November. He made them believe that they would earn 12% of their interest each month. Transfers are made over the next few months. Against all odds, Michel receives a phone call from another client in February. “We have a big problem,” she said. “We returned to Morocco at the end of February. I was waiting for my interests which did not arrive. I sent several messages, but no response. We tried to call Yassine* directly, but of course there was no answer, ”says Michel.

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Yassine’s father contacted him. Michel accompanied by his wife meets her in a restaurant in the heart of Jamea El Fna. “We lost everything,” explains the father of the alleged crook. He promises to compensate him up to 30%. An unsatisfactory arrangement for the Frenchman, since “his son keeps telling us that our capital was guaranteed”. At the end of June, he filed a complaint for fraud. Michel and his relatives were relieved of 884,400 euros.

*First names loan

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