MotoGP: “Honda will pull out the fake and cut heads”, but who said that?

The final German Grand Prix may be the straw that will break the camel’s back at Honda, with the brand’s worst ever Grand Prix result since 1982. No points were returned by its four riders including both officials ended up with burns from a fairing that couldn’t evacuate heat properly. A situation described as “unacceptable” by test pilot Stefan Bradl who suffered. This edition of the Sachsenring is not reviewed within an HRC which is about to turn heads according to an intimate of the world’s leading manufacturer. Alas, it shouldn’t be the good ones that we risk seeing rolling…

In this debacle, it is Alberto Puigteam manager of the factory team in the colors of Repsol who is on the front line and he sees himself obliged to react. An uncomfortable situation on which the former LCR employee debated, namely Oscar Haro. The communication was made during his last live speech on Nico Abad’s Twitch channel. We find his comments on Tuttomotoriweb: “ after this weekend’s fiasco in Sachsenringwhere after 40 years Honda haven’t been able to score any points in MotoGP I think they will eventually get the scythe out at HRC and they’ll chop off some heads “.

Alas, the action risks making victims for example… The simplest and most immediate solution is to change the composition of the pilots, but the crisis at Honda won’t always end. ” I think we all know what’s wrong “, an adding Oscar Haro. ” But I imagine there will be a change of the three drivers except Marc Marquez “. A disavowal that will touch Taka Nakagami who will be replaced by Ai Ogura, Pol Espargaro who will return to KTM and Tech3 sacrifices the place to Joan Mir, and Alex Marquez which seems to be heading towards Ducati and which gives the keys to Alex Rins…

If Honda wants to be ahead, they have to change, like in Formula 1, where almost everything is done in Europe

The new recruits Alex Rins, Joan Mir and Ai Ogura could they reverse the trend? According to the former head of LCR, the answer is no, because the real problem is not at the bottom, but at the top of the corporate pyramid. According Oscar Harothe course department Honda Should be entirely transferred to Europe, to accelerate the evolution and the arrival of new components: “ HRC doesn’t have a rider problem, but the other factories have taken three steps forward. The only one who knows how to ride this bike is Marc Marquez “.

To turn the tide, Oscar Haro to the solution: the mentality of a Japanese manufacturer is no longer enough, it is not a question of a longer, shorter or stiffer swingarm, everything requires a process of study, of a project, of engineers, of tests… I think they have to change, if they want to be in front they have to change, like in Formula 1, where almost everything is done in Europe “.

An idea that seems to dig Yamaha,however, culturally, this approach is not yet assimilated in Japan. But it is true that in Formula 1, between Red Bull and Honda, it works and the rumor of a big project Red Bull in MotoGP has been alive for some time now…

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