MotoGP Italy Mugello J2 Johann Zarco (Ducati / 4): “P4 is perfect! »

In the duel between him and Jack Miller for fifth place in the championship, the two men being strictly equal on points, Johann Zarco took an advantage over Australia by qualifying fourth for the MotoGP Italian Grand Prix at Mugello while the official Ducati rider, failed in Q1, will only start from 13th position on the grille.

Conversely, the French driver always remained at the forefront during the first two days before confirming in qualifying a fourth position already posted on Friday.

However, everything was not easy this Saturday, and in particular qualifying where we had to realize that the track was as grippy as the day before, when he had just cried…

John Zarco “It was a difficult afternoon, it was a bit scary situation, because you want to go fast, but you don’t know which tires you can choose. It felt dry enough to go with the slicks, but sometimes you could experience a slide like Marc did. So it was a little stressful and it was good not to go through Q1. It’s good in any Grand Prix, but it’s even better in these kinds of conditions. That way you only take the risk once. OK, I’m satisfied, and as I said yesterday the situation hasn’t changed, the Ducati is still very fast here. The base is very good to perform. I tried to work in FP4 to get this performance by being more relaxed on the bike, and it was not bad. I was not well compared to the others but something was starting to happen, so we had to analyze it well with the team. But I’m happy after this qualification because when we left there were a few drops and we didn’t know if there was really any adhesion or not. For the first lap, I did something around 48. I saw that it wasn’t enough but I was wondering what I could do, so I stopped before the others, just to recover a bit to zero the mind, did two more laps to find a good time but it went well. So I’m happy about that, because in this kind of situation you can really lose a lot. There is more to lose than to gain, so P4 is perfect! »

Result of Qualifying 2 of the MotoGP Italian Grand Prix at Mugello:

Result of Qualifying 1 of the MotoGP Italian Grand Prix at Mugello:

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