MotoGP Italy Mugello J2 Rossi clan disagrees with Fabio Quartararo: “If you want to go slow and be safe, then you can go slow”

By raising the question of safety because of the weather conditions making the Mugello track very difficult to understand in the middle of the qualifying session, Fabio Quartararo did not find only allies. The Italian trio installed on the first line was part of its misunderstanding by advancing chronometric arguments close to the times achieved in the dry to argue about the practicability of the route. The poleman Fabio Di Giannantonio gave his opinion, and the clan of Valentino Rossi too. And the sound…

The feeling of insecurity felt by Fabio Quartararo during qualifying which he concluded with a good sixth place was not shared by any of the first three since Di Giannantonio, Bezzecchi and Luca Marini refuted the idea that the organizers had put them in great danger. And rather than a sensation, they made the argument that the lap times suggested the track conditions were in good shape.

Nobody pushes you to do 1’46 on a lap »recalls the Rossi clan

Marco BezzecchiVR46 pilot and second in command Di Giannantonio thus commented: for me, if you look at the lap times, it was okay. If we ride with slicks and we do 1’50s or more, it’s more dangerous. But then you change tires. For me, the track was good. I like these conditions and it’s full of adrenaline. I would have preferred dry today but it was a very positive day ».

His teammate Luca Marinithird on the starting grid, half-brother of VR46 boss Valentino Rossi added: “ lightning was not a problem. I trust the organizers, so it’s not a security issue. The track is hard and it was really want hard conditions but if you go slow and be safe then you can go slow “.

He finishes : ” no one is pushing you to do 1’46s. As Fabio Di Giannantonio said, we are the best riders in the world and we have to give our best, also in these conditions because others can do it. If you wanna stay ahead, then you gotta do it “.

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