MotoGP Silverstone J1: Fabio Quartararo responds to Aleix Espargaró on the long lap that is too easy, and it stings

With this remark from Aleix Espargaró on where Fabio Quartararo must take his long lap penalty at Silverstone, the masks have fallen in MotoGP. The polite speeches, the knowing smiles exchanged in the paddock and at the press conference are all contemporary veneers that cannot withstand the intense heat of the competition for a world title. He cracked in this Grand Prix of Great Britain, the twelfth round of the calendar which has twenty deadlines. Fabio Quartararo responded in his own way to the bloodthirsty Spanish who will no doubt laugh yellow when he discovers the message…

Aleix Espargaro set the mood by hitting that place where Fabio Quartararo must serve his condolence in Assen was a ” joke », thus turning the sanction into « hoax “. The time lost by the French was considered by the Spaniard as derisory. On other tracks, he would have dropped three seconds, believes the man at the RS-GP, in England, he should only concede a few tenths.

Fabio Quartararo

Fabio Quartararo stings Aleix Espargaro

This sincerity of the pilot Apriliathat is to 21 points of its counterpart Yamaha in the championship, shows that the tension is there. By discovering this analysis, Fabio Quartararo posted this message on his social network, full of humor and also irony, directly to the address of the slayer who suddenly came close to being ridiculous. What to put the nerves a little more in ball of the adversary who also shook Yamaha mentioning : ” having a rider pull you like that, like Maverick did today, helps a lot. We’ll see in progress. We’ve always respected each other and that’s rule number one. From there, let’s see how far this can help me, but it will definitely help me more than the second Yamaha Franco Morbidelli only helps the first Yamaha. For sure “.

The atmosphere is therefore heavier and we will remember with this episode the words ofAndrea Dovizioso who leaves the MotoGP scene in a month to Misano : “ today’s riders look like friends because the bikes are similar. And then, enough of this kindness: today social networks have changed attitudes, guys are mentors. We are more concerned with making a good impression than telling the truth: they call themselves friends, the reality is different “. To meditate…

Aleix Espargaro (left) with Fabio Quartararo

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