MotoGP Silverstone J2 BREAKING NEWS: Aleix Espargaró making his decision on Sunday morning whether to race or not

Aleix Espargaró was undeniably the man of this Saturday day, however rich in emotions. His incredible performances in Q2, a few minutes after one of the most violent falls observed this season, commanded admiration. The bruised body that was only suffering was brought under control by its owner who once again showed what precious and magnificent wood these pilots are made of. However, the adrenaline has waned and nature takes over as the hours go by. A new fight begins for the title contender this year…

So certainly, the exams ruled out fractures in the right foot after this violent highside in FP4but the pain increases according to the information distilled by GPOne. Aleix Espargarowho qualified sixth in that state, has a right foot hematoma. After undergoing a cryotherapy at the mobile clinic, the doctors decided the best thing they could do for him now was to rest. For this reason, all his engagements with the press have been cancelled.

It will be essential to know how this night will go, because it is only tomorrow morning thatEspargaro will know his condition. The circuit doctors have deemed him “fit” and no further tests are planned, so the decision to race or not rests solely with the driver. This means that the pilot’s participation Aprilia at the Silverstone Grand Prix is ​​still uncertain.

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Aleix Espargaro: I’m in a lot of pain and it’s getting worse

The plan is to figure out what the conditions for Aleix will be on Sunday morning, check them out in more detail in the Warm Up, and then decide whether to race or stop. ” The crash was the last thing we needed ” a comment Aleix Espargaro. ” I’m in a lot of pain and it’s getting worse, so together with the team and the doctors, we decided that the best thing for me would be to rest until tomorrow and then assess the situation after the warm-up. Obviously I would do my best to be on the track, but since we are talking about a part of the body that is very stressed when driving we will have to see if it is possible “.

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