New look and Italian-inspired cuisine: two friends represent the restaurant Le Haie Tondue in Drubec

Willy Beaurain and Alexis Lebailly have taken over the restaurant La Haie Tondue. ©Camille RUFFRAY

New era for restaurant La Haie Tondue in Drubec (Calvados). The establishment run for more than 20 years by Brigitte and Serge Baumgartner has just been taken over by Alexis Lebailly and Wilfried Beaurain. The two catering professionals set out for the first time as bosses by taking over the helm of “this institution”.

They unite for their first affair

The duo chose to combine their own ingredients to make the recipe: one in the service, the other in the kitchen. Wilfried, known as “Willy”, worked for 20 years alongside Franck and Christine Libbrecht, in the Paris region and then at P’tit Beaumont in Beaumont-en-Auge. A return to basics with a new hat twenty years later: “I spent all my seasons at La Haie Tondue when I was at hotel school,” smiles Willy. Alexis Lebailly scoured several establishments, notably as head chef of an Italian restaurant then several years at P’tit Beaumont, before taking another turn by setting up his green space company.

The two professionals are friends before being associated : “On a set worked in the past, but we are above all a family. Willy is my wife’s best friend and the godfather of one of my daughters,” recalls Alexis. If their friendship was born through the Libbrechdt family, the duo would like to clarify: “Christine and Franck Libbrecht have nothing to do with the case, they are neither the owners nor the investors”. “I was convinced to visit La Haie Tondue a few months ago and I was immediately taken. I told myself that I could only do it with Willy,” says Alexis Lebailly. “At 40, it was now or never! And on my own, I would never have done it”, continues Willy.

Restaurant La Haie Tondue Drubec
The establishment has been totally revamped. ©Camille RUFFRAY

Italian inspiration and new decor

Combining their respective experiences, Alexis Lebailly and Wilfried Beaurain will offer a “friendly” cuisine of‘italian inspiration’. “We will work with quality Italian and seasonal products while keeping a French touch. The pizzas will also be available to take away, ”they present. The establishment has been totally renovated to create a “cosy” atmosphere where you feel “like at home”. “We can share a generous cuisine as well as have a drink with a board in the lounge area”, they sum up. As for the team, the duo took over Valérie, “38 years of housework” at La Haie Tondue, and recruited four people.

Restaurant La Haie Tondue, 3 route de Caen à Drubec, lunch and dinner service, closed on Wednesdays in season, Tuesdays and Wednesdays in low season. @lahaietondue on social networks Tel. 02 31 64 85 00.

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