No, Google Stadia will not close, assures Google

Google has introduced its game streaming service based on the cloud, Google Stadia in 2019, but was not even able to generate as much excitement and speed as the company or even people expected if we take into account the speed of Xbox Cloud Gaming. As a result, rumors started swirling that Google might be planning to shut down the service. And, now, Google has responded.

News of Google Stadia’s potential shutdown began circulating when the Killed by Google Twitter account, which monitors the services that Google has taken down, spoke about it.

The recent tweet from the Twitter account suggests that Google is asking to shut down Stadia. Although the exact timing is not known, it could happen by the end of the summer. The company would notify people 30-60 days before the last day of Stadia and also refund the subscription amount at no additional cost.

Although this is a rumor, things could turn out to be true considering how Google tends to kill a lot of its services. Moreover, in 2021 the company also cut its video game development studio, and maybe the time has come for Google Stadia to die! However, an update to propose that for now Google Stadia will not go anywhere.

Following the circulation of this rumor, many people took to Twitter to express their concerns about it, and Google was kind enough to provide a definitive response. In a response to a Twitter user, Google clarified that Google Stadia was not going to stop. In fact, the company is preparing to offer new games on Google Stadia and Stadia Pro.

The Google Stadia Twitter account also posted a rather mocking tweet, announcing that Stadia Pro users will now be able to play Wavetale for free until August 1st. So maybe Stadia is here to stay after all.

But, be aware that Google’s plans are usually surprising and that might change in the future as well. If something like this happens, I’ll let you know.

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