“Oh firecracker! “The improbable anthem of the MHR which will ignite the ferias this summer

“Oh firecracker, firecracker, it’s beautiful. Oh firecracker, firecracker, it’s hot. Here even the seagulls sunbathe. Oh firecracker, from a distance they look like crows. With full lungs, on the Comédie, the winger of the MHR Arthur Vincent took over the song in front of the 5,000 supporters. As he had done at the Stade de France after the victorious final of the Top 14. Or in the locker room at GGL Stadium. And as it will retain all the summer in the villages during the ferias.

Oh Firecracker, it’s the story of a song born in 2011 in the head of Roland Ramade, singer at the time of L’art à Tatouille, a group of merry men. From now on, the anthem of the victorious epic of Montpellier rugby players. “For me, who is from Biterrois, it makes sense,” smiles Roland Ramade.

Arthur Vincent, the Melgorian DJ

“I am a real savage from the cabins of Mauguio”. Failing to be a real savage as in the song, Arthur Vincent is a real Melgorian. Who discovered the magic of the oval ball at the Mauguio rugby school “where he was friends with my son, smiles the singer. And my wife sings with her mother in a choir”. A story of family and destinies that were destined to meet.

Before being sung at the top of my lungs by DJ Arthur, Oh firecracker! had a long life. “Basically, I took up a song by Tonton Donzel, the singer of Quartiers nord, a friend. It was called Oh damn it’s beautiful. I modified it to Oh firecracker which seemed to me more consensual. And then, I ended up changing everything so that we could tune it to the instruments of the collective L’Art à Tatouille”.

“A song is elusive”

A cheeky, festive tribe, like this song that smells of friendship and the warmth of the south. But who will no longer hum it in public? In 2019, the author of the immortal Put some oil bid farewell to the stage. “It’s true, we can say that the spotlight comes a little too late, he laughs. But I always compared the songs to children. When you have children, you can say he will do this, he will do that, but life takes the child and does what it wants with it. A song is the same, it has its own identity.
Especially not enough to give him regrets. “If you take it, you lock it in a closet, the worst that can happen. On the contrary, it bounces in unlikely places”.

Like this Saturday, where the MHR players had invited him to join them at the GGL Stadium, with the Brennus. “Of course I touched him! It made me choose something. It is a piece of wood, a humble thing but which is much more valuable than a golden cup”. Something that looks like him, after all.

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