OM: Pablo Longoria close to leaving?

Extremely tired by his role as president of OM, Pablo Longoria would have been close to leaving the club at the end of the season. This explains a priori the appointments of Javier Ribalta and David Friio as director of football and sports director.

According to the elements obtained by Daniel Riolo, Pablo Longoria was on the verge of leaving OM, ​​after obtaining the qualification for the Champions League. The journalist claims that the Spaniard has finished the season “literally flushed”. The manager held several positions, which represents “colossal work”. This information tends to highlight certain outings of the Marseille president during the season: the native of Oviedo had mentioned a possible departure. We can also assume that the meetings organized in Boston a few days ago related in particular to this problem.

These elements confirm that the recruitment of Javier Ribalta as director of football and the promotion of David Friio to that of sports director targeted to relieve Pablo Longoria. Reputed to be hyperactive, the former Valencian has seemed to carry a good part of the Olympian project on his shoulders in recent months.

The Marseille transfer window is slow to get started

Pablo Longoria’s fatigue did not seem to have affected the content of the gazettes: they relay multiple rumors every day. However, the Marseille transfer window is slow to move up a gear. The cause would be linked to the time taken by the DNCG to validate, or not, its accounts. OM leaders provided the additional documents expected by the supervisory body. His decision should be made quickly and the Olympians hope to avoid a framework for the wage bill and recruitment.

Several tracks also seem to have fallen into the water in recent days. This was for example the case of that of Axel Witsel, who favored Atlético Madrid. Riechedly Bazoer is expected to join Borussia Mönchengladbach.

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