Philippe Etchebest called to the rescue by a 12-year-old child in Cauchemar en cuisine! (VIDEO)

Big first in Kitchen nightmare ! A 12-year-old boy asked Philippe Etchebest for help to save his father’s restaurant.

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Philippe Etchebest is back in the kitchen. After going to Élodie and Damien, the chef will come to the aid of a new restaurateur in crisis in the episode of Kitchen nightmare broadcast this Wednesday, June 22 on M6. For this issue, the juror of Excellent chef will go to La Chapelle-Launay in Loire-Atlantique. This is Gabrielle, 12, who called on him. The young boy would like to make his father smile again. In effect, Raphaelmanager of a working-class restaurant, hasn’t been able to fill his room or pay himself a salary for 5 years.

He doesn’t smile too much anymore

The pre-teen took his courage in both hands by presenting himself in front of Philippe Etchebest. “I found your approach very cheeky. Damn, you’re only 12“, has also mentioned the chef. An initiative on the part of Gabriel, motivated by the desire to see his father be happy again.”He doesn’t smile too much anymore. Dad is less cheerful“, he explains, very saddened by the professional distress of his father. A worrying situation which plays on the relationship that the father and the son maintain.Before, we were going to play and everything. Now we do nothing. The weekend on stay at home…“, regrets the child.”My father is demoralized“, he discovered in front of the camera.

A huge car park… for 0 customers

Arriving in front of the restaurant, Philippe Etchebest first found a huge, almost deserted car park. “We could put at least 25 tractor-trailers there“, he began. Then advancing, the best worker in France was first reassured: “The facade is quite pretty. I like it and for once, it is clearly indicated that it is a bar-restaurant.“Then came the time for the first little remarks… especially when entering the establishment.”Well, there are plenty of doors, four entrances. We’ll do heads or tails“. And bad luck: the chef obviously left for the door that wouldn’t open…

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