Press release from the Girondins de Bordeaux after the DNCG – Girondins

The FCGB has just published a press release following the opinion of the DNCG to supervise the finances of the club.

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“Building a strong and determined workforce”

Club press release:

After the decision of the DNCG, FC Girondins de Bordeaux has integrated its workforce for Ligue 2 BKTFC Girondins de Bordeaux has taken note of the decision of the DNCG today.

The club, which has a balanced budget, the first budget in Ligue 2, can now focus on preparing for the coming season and building up a solid and determined workforce.

With a strengthened and healthy financial health, thanks to a fully funded budget and a 75% reduction in debt, the club is integrating its future with its young people, who, alongside experienced players, have already started to settle on the field their potential and their motivation.

The club now has only one priority: the Ligue 2 championship. Go Bordeaux!

The transfer window of the Girondins is therefore launched.


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