PSV Eindhoven LIVE: Disasi puts Monaco back in the game, 10 minutes to play.. Follow the 3rd qualifying round live

10 p.m.: Come on my chickens, there is no good company that doesn’t leave each other. Thank you all for being with us tonight. Have a good late night (or just a good night out if you’re on vacation and you’re out romping around). Big kisses amigos!

95th: It’s ter-mi-born! We greatly prefer the second period of the Monegasques even if it is a shame to wait to be presented to offer a little more football and creativity. Everything will therefore be played next Tuesday in Eindhoven, and it will obviously be live on 20 Minutes.

94th: Disasi’s head above! It was probably the last.

90th : It was on fire in front of Benitez’s goal with a succession of hot free kicks but Ruud’s band is doing quite well in the end.


85th : Philippe Clément’s men are trying to wrap up this end of the match, in my opinion they have something to play for (= Eindhoven goal in 3, 2, 1…)

80th : I told you we were closer to 2-0, remember? Ben here, we finally see in broad daylight that I am a crook.

79th: AND YESIIIIIIIII THE MONEGASQUE EQUALIZATION!!!!!!! Axel Disasi inherits a barely surfaced ball after an off-center free kick, his ball control is good, his shot tight too. It’s fun!

74th : There you go, like Salibari who almost deceived Nubel after a small number in the area. There is more and more space in the Monegasque defense, it did not send this story well.

72nd : We are closer to the 2-Z than the Monegasque equalization, I tell you straight.

67th : There, on the other hand, the yellow for Krépin Diatta is on can no longer deserve, De Jong’s ankle will remember it for a long time.

66th : PSV are asking for a peno after a contact on Gakpo but I have the impression that they clearly exaggerated their fall.

63′: Ouhouh the Dutch almost offered the 1-1 to the Monegasques with this suicidal pass back while Minamino was coming back from an offside position. Lucky for them that Benitez was vigilant and sent a sauce into touch.

57th : Ben Yedder finds himself in a cross position and drops a cake on Volland’s head but and the ball was hard to regain, it misses.

55th : Ahahah the referee eats a minasse in the joys from Disassi AND is yelled at by the Monegasques for having stopped the game. There are days like that.

52nd: And Til missing an elephant in a radius of Carrefour City! Monaco is doing super, super well because the cross at the far post was perfect and the guy was on his own.

49th: Popopopo Minamino! The Japanese takes control of space to present himself alone against Benitez but his volley escapes the target. It would have been a world-class sequence.

46th : Come on, let’s go back, hoping that Philippe Clément’s men will come back with a few more ideas and desire.

45th: It’s the break at Louis II, PSV leads 1-0. Sorry if I was not on the job but I had to manage the circus that there is at Alpine in F1 after the tweet of the young driver Oscar Piastri, who has just humiliated the French team on his own.

39th : Magnificent Dutch sequence with a successful touch of the ball by a setback and a perfect flat foot from Luke de Jong. Monaco is being punished after a frankly not exciting first period.


34th : Nothing said the referee, logical.

32nd: The Monegasques scream and claim a Dutch hand in the PSV area. The referee tries to calm everyone down before going to see the images! The tight shot was on target but the defender had his arms behind his back and glued to the body, frankly difficult to whistle.

29th : Ouhhhhh superb Monegasque combination on a free kick with an almost invisible offset from Ben Yedder for the opposing defense, bad luck the center of the French international is countered for a corner.

25th : I find it difficult to ignite myself, I’m sorry, but must also say that the players do not help us masses either…

22nd : PSV’s first alert since the start of the match with a nice combination made by a shot from Max. It’s missing but it’s clearly the hottest occasion since the start of the match.

18th : Nice little fest from Minamino who saw a space and rushed into it before striking from outside the box. The shot is blah but it at least has the merit of existing, given the lack of attacking training from the Monegasques since the start of the match.

16th : I’m actually mean, the stadium is pretty well stocked tonight I must say.

15th : Anyway I see that you are about as many on this live as there are at the Stade Louis II, so it’s not a big deal.

13th : I would be lying if I told you that we are going crazy at the start of the match. Luckily I have marinated octopus and Catalan fuet as an aperitif next to me.

10th : Fofana offers a first gift to PSV on a very ugly pass, before recovering and perfectly relaunching his team. Well, that doesn’t lead to much since Ben Yedder is quickly taken over by the opposing defense.

6th : First (mini) situation with this little crossed head of Fofana but nothing to worry about the former Nice goalkeeper.

4th : Ah yeah ok, direct yellow for the young Matazo, it seems a bit severe to me but let’s admit it.

3rd : The Monegasques are squatting the Dutch part of the field without that giving much for the moment. Cautious start for both teams.

7:45 p.m. : And here is the first official XI on the European stage as a manager for former monster Ruud Van Nistelrooy. Former Niçois Wlater Benitez is sluggish in goal, former Parisian Xavi Simons is on the bench.

7:40 p.m. : As we told you this morning, in the event of qualifying against PSV, Monaco will face Union Saint-Gilloise or Glasgow Rangers in the play-offs.

7:35 p.m. : I really like this way of presenting the Monegasque composition. And I’m curious to see what the little Minamino, the former Liverpool player, started by Philippe Clément will give tonight.

7:30 p.m.: Hello Minutix!!! Welcome home for this Monaco-PSV live, kick-off at 8 p.m. (we’ll be in bed early like that).

Third in Ligue 1 last season, the Monegasques will have to go through the qualifications to hope to see the Champions League in September. For that, it will be necessary to pass on the body of PSV Eindhoven of Ruud Van Nistelrooy and Xavi Simons, last winners of Ajax (5-3) at the end of a totally crazy Dutch Supercup. If the men of Philippe Clément do not display a very fifou record after their friendly matches, the Belgian coach nevertheless displayed a certain confidence and ambitions before receiving the Dutch at Louis II.

» See you at 7:30 p.m. to follow the pre-match

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