RAM, storage, processor… The Pixel Watch reveals itself a little more

Over the rumors and leaks, we learn a little more about the Pixel Watch formalized during the last Google I / O. Storage, RAM, processor, charging… The first connected watch in the Pixel range is gradually being revealed.

Now that the arrival of the Pixel Watch is official, all that remains is to know what the specifications will be. In this little game, the specialized press is on the lookout for the slightest leak. And indeed, our colleagues from 9to5Google gleaned some information on what the connected watch from Google will have in the belly.

According to them, it is an Exynos 9110 chip, designed by Samsung and quite aging, which powered the object. But that’s not all… A Cortex-M33 coprocessor should boost the performance of the Pixel Watch by offloading the main chip from several tasks. Moreover, it seems that the smart watch will have 32 GB of storage, that is to say double what is currently on the market. Google has also apparently gone into overdrive on RAM, which again could be higher than any other smartwatch. Recall that the Galaxy Watch 4 has, for example, 1.5 GB of RAM.

A rechargeable watch with your smartphone?

The website XDA found other interesting data by browsing the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) website. The GQF4C model would offer Bluetooth and wifi connectivity, while the GBZ4S and GWT9R models would support LTE. We also learn that the Pixel Watch will have a USB-C charging cable, with a charging palette similar to that of the Galaxy Watch 4 and other watches in the same vein. It could therefore be that users can directly use their smartphone to recharge their smart watch.

Regarding health and fitness uses, we should get closer to the practices of Fitbit: heart rate sensor, SpO2 (oxygen in the blood) and electrocardiogram should be there. Remember that the Pixel Watch should now be released this fall, at the same time as the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro smartphones.

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