Real Madrid: even discreet in the final, Benzema is heading straight for the Ballon d’Or, OL are already on fire!

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It was probably the last duel he was to win. By facing Sadio Mané in the Champions League final and winning this final, Karim Benzema marks a little more the history of French football. KB9 becomes the first French player to win five Champions League. But above all, Benzema is getting closer to his first Ballon d’Or.

The Real Madrid striker was already the top favorite for the individual trophy. Beating his great competitor Sadio Mané in the final should allow him to become the next French Ballon d’Or since Zinedine Zidane in 1998.

And that’s not all since Karim Benzema obviously remains one of the big favorites for his own succession for the next Onze d’Or 2022, which will be unveiled on Wednesday. Enough to delight his former club, OL, which obviously promises him all the individual rewards…

to summarize

Karim Benzema, the Real Madrid striker, did not achieve his greatest game of the season but all the individual awards await him! The Madrid striker is heading straight for the Ballon d’Or, but also the Onze d’Or.

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