Replacing parchment paper with eco-friendly and edible alternatives for a zero-waste kitchen: benefits

After a whole century of waste of resources, on one reached the conclusion “zero waste”. Exorbitant pollution of water, air and soil presents the world with a great challenge: to find alternatives. Either plastic or paper! One place in your home that produces the most waste is the kitchen. Composting household waste is the first environmental gesture that comes to mind. Replacing parchment paper, what does that tell you: more containers in the dishwasher or a zero-waste kitchen? How to manage in this perspective? Our article raises the curtain on an eco-friendly trend.

Replacing parchment paper: making kitchen work easier or harder

Even if the zero plastic trial is gaining momentum, there are still some under the pedal. No more food waste that has been replaced by reusing leftover meals.

Do-it-yourself benefits not only from leftover wrapping paper, but also from toilet paper rolls that can be used as seedling pots. What is parchment paper and what does it save us from? It is an invention that helps to keep the bottoms of the containers clean, without using scraping means. On the one hand, it lengthens their life and saves you washing time. It’s all a woman wants to have more time for her loved ones and for herself.

replace parchment paper healthy cooking grease-free non-stick resistant heat humidity

On the other hand, it is claimed to cook healthy, without fat. These are notorious facts. Being a cellulose-based composite treated to give it additional properties such as non-stick, grease resistance and moisture resistance, vegetable paper is commonly used in baking as a non-stick disposable surface. Should the parchment paper be replaced and why? It is obvious that it is possible but why do it.

What types of baking paper as alternatives?

replace treated cellulose-based composite parchment paper confer additional properties

Despite the similarities, there are different types of parchment paper on the market.

the butter paper called sandwich paper does not have a non-stick surface, so it should not be used for cooking. Instead, it is ideal for protecting the cutting board when preparing fish, raw meat, onion, chilli or beetroot, without cleaning it often or for wrapping oily and moist food, when cooking. ‘a picnic.

replace parchment paper waxed paper contains wax non-stick surface water resistant

the wax paper actually contains wax, and it has a non-stick, water-resistant surface. However, it is not heat resistant and should not be used in the oven. On the other hand, parchment paper can be used in most applications requiring wax paper, but the opposite is not acceptable, as the use of wax paper can cause smoke in the oven and affect taste.

replace parchment paper parchment paper bakery used baking

the parchment paper also called bakery paper or parchment paper is a paper used for baking. Parchment paper is the versatile kitchen aid that can be used for several different applications. It has a non-stick surface that prevents food from sticking. It is also very heat resistant and can be used at temperatures up to 220°C.

If it is so popular in the kitchen, what then to replace parchment paper?

what to replace parchment paper saga paper guarantees non-stick decorating grating rolling microwave

Lately a unique innovation more properties than traditional baking paper contains. It is an ideal partner for all kinds of cooking and food preparation applications. the SAGA parchment paper ensures food doesn’t stick to trays, cake pans or dishes, and since it doesn’t need to be coated in oil, it also makes dishwashing easier. SAGA baking paper can also be used for decorating, grating and rolling – it can even be used in the microwave. Both sides of SAGA paper are silicone coated and non-stick, so you can use the paper both ways. To guarantee maximum food hygiene and environmental performance, SAGA baking papers are white. They are also biodegradable and compostable.

There is only one reason left to replace parchment paper: zero waste cooking

parchment paper replace trend upcycling transformation reuse

In other words, we are inclined to the upcycling trend which inspires transformation and reuse. As parchment paper is not recyclable, what to replace it with?

zero waste kitchen bake family favorite cakes lightly grease pan sprinkle with flour

especially, to bake your family’s favorite cakes, lightly grease the pan and sprinkle with flour. This is what our mothers and grandmothers produce while cooking.

second, silicone baking mat innovation is on the rise because it only needs a drop of oil, easily operated and operated with a simple sponge.

replace parchment paper zero waste use plant-based alternatives parchment paper

Tell, how many times, while going to the picnic, you used vegetable alternatives to parchment paper. Cabbage, chard, lettuce, banana leaf: only need a simple rinse and moreover, they are edible.

replace parchment paper zero waste beeswax non heat resistant coat dishes

As for beeswax paper, it can replace parchment paper but only one downside: it is not heat resistant. Use it only for cold preparations and to coat dishes.

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