Rory Kockott’s wife furious with CO

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A sad end to the career of Rory Kockott, living legend of Castres Olympique, twice winner of the TOP 14 in 2013 and 2018 and a great craftsman of these titles in the fray. As was the case in the semi-final against Toulouse and on the last day of the regular phase, the former French international will not be on the scoresheet.

A management that his wife, Stephanie Kockott, considers unacceptable, who made it known on her Twitter account in response to a tweet from a journalist from Le Figaro, relaying an article about the management of his case for his final final phase:

“It is career-being time to listen directly to the person concerned. Then we will hear an accurate portrayal of the truth. The manner in which it ended is beyond disrespectful and unjustifiable on the part of those in place.” she said.

to summarize

Rory Kockott’s wife Stephanie Kockott resents the CO scrum-half’s treatment. As was the case against Toulouse, the former French international will not be on the scoresheet tomorrow night.

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