Sambreville: a console theft with a kitchen knife

Four of them, including two minors, decide to go up to the apartment of a vague acquaintance. The young man is fragile, he is easy prey.

Alexy, a 24-year-old Preslois, assures us that he had no bad intentions. He was only seized with a pressing need. in the apartment. We heckle, we play with shaving foam… Nothing really bad except that one of them will end up grabbing a kitchen knife to threaten the occupant of the premises .The victim will also be beaten. Alexy would then have taken the opportunity to unplug the Playstation 4 and spin with it. “The intention was to resell it”, assures Boris Goffaux, for the king’s prosecutor, who requires sentences of two years and 18 months in prison against Mickaël and Alexy.

The first failed. The second, also through the voice of his lawyer, validly defended himself. “There is a lot of guilt about him, assures MeDevaux, the defense counsel. But he instead ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time. At no time is there prior consultation. He wants to go to the bathroom…”

The defender believes that there is really a doubt as to what actions Alexy actually took. The acquittal is pleaded. MeDevaux insists on the profile of its client. “He’s not an idler, he’s a worker.” The kind of defendant for whom a favorable measure would be completely justified, believes the defense. Alexy will be fixed on her fate on September 12, the date of the judgment.


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