Shin Ha Ri’s Salary In “Business Proposal” Sparks Debate Among Korean Netizens

On March 21, a netizen started a debate by posting on a Korean online community: “The main character of a drama has a salary of 3.5 million won after tax, and said it’s a salary similar to a rat’s tail.”

In the episode of the SBS drama “Business Proposal,” Shin Ha-ri (Kim Se-jeong) had a salary of around 3.5 million won (about 2615 euros) and said: “If I subtract my savings, company loan repayment, and my small salary allowance, only 50,000 won remains. » (about 37 euros).

Netizens who saw the scene said: “His gross monthly salary is 3.49 million won and his annual salary is 49 million won (about 30,000 euros), if it’s a rat’s tail my salary must be a cockroach’s leg”, “My salary is not even a rat’s tail”, “She has a monthly savings of 2 million won, and dares to say that she has no money”, “I am a junior in the social industry, a after-tax salary of 2 million won with gratitude from the bottom of my heart.”, “With this salary in my company, you must have 20 years of service!”.

Shin Ha Ri's salary in Business Proposal sparks Korean debate

The reason is that Ha Ri’s monthly income of 3.5 million won is more than enough compared to most of a junior executive’s salary of 2 million won (about 1495 US dollars), which a South Korean can receive when he has just graduated. Moreover, if the total annual income is calculated, Ha Ri’s salary is even more impressive.

Others thought there was nothing wrong with her complaining about her salary. It should be proven that the character Shin Ha Ri in the drama graduated from Seoul University, the top university in Korea, and worked as a researcher in a very big company for many years.

Business Proposal is currently the hottest Korean drama. Although following the very familiar plot with a love affair between the CEO and an ordinary girl, the drama still has its own unique characteristics that make viewers don’t want to miss any moment.


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