Silva wins points, Neyou loses… The notes of the Greens


He couldn’t do anything about the opening of Thomasen’s score, with a cross strike that he could only accompany. He was not very busy the rest of the time, except for two or three aerial sorties.


The Spaniard had not worn the green jersey since January 2020 against Nantes (0-2). For his 10th match with ASSE, he held his place correctly. Clean in his interventions, serious and diligent. It’s already that. And it’s still better than Mason!


Captain in the absence of Briançon, the former Trojan did not intervene on the Nîmes goal, trained Thomasen to adjust Green. A better second half, with a distant attempt which forced Dias to relax (75th). But as in Dijon (1-2), we cannot say that he reassured …

NADE (5)

He often emerged victorious in duels. It must be said that opposite, the Crocos really lacked bite.

SILVA (5.5)

One of the rare satisfactions of the meeting. Relaunched by the change of system, the Brazilian side has shown going and generous. He even tried to strike (73rd). Exemplary in the state of mind.

CAMERA (4.5)

The former captain had sunk with the ship at Dijon. Like the team, he was a little better against Nîmes. But we have all the same known it to be bloodier. Spirit, are you really there?


Neyou experienced his first tenure on the Cauldron lawn since December 2021. The Cameroonian started his match with a dangerous ball loss (4th) and he was surprised by Thomasen on the Nîmes goal. Far from the level that was his in his debut in Green, he gave way to MOUEFFEK, more impactful.


Right midfielder, Aouchiche was active. He had several situations but did not conclude his actions well. Leg crossings before making a pass to the opponent (14th), a shot above (40th)… Still just as desperate and ineffective… Replaced by RIVERA, author of an entry as borrowed as in Dijon , and of which one wonders what his true level is too.

LOBRY (4.5), then MOUTON

For his first at Geoffroy-Guichard, Lobry stood out with a good opening for Aouchiche (28th) and a few crosses. But he had little influence and appeared slow in his movements and transmissions. Replaced by SHEEP.

AIKI (4), then CAFARO

Scorer in Dijon, Aiki was little seen for his first tenure with the pros. A few dribbles but it made no difference. Replaced by CAFARO, author of a good long shot (77th) but also quite discreet.


Very isolated in point, Krasso did not tremble to transform the penalty. As in Dijon, it was interesting in its discounts, but it was used very little. The team lacked a lot of technique, rhythm, connection, percussion, inspiration. So the ball rarely got to him.

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