SM Caen. Alexis Beka Beka in Nice: 500,000 euros in training compensation, how much on resale?

Olivier Pickeu, the president of Stade Malherbe Caen, at the end of last season. ©Aline Châtel

It is with particular attention that the Malherbe Caen Stadium tracking transferAlexis Beka Beka in Nice. As is done very frequently, the club had negotiated with Lokomotiv Moscow a percentage on the added value of a future resale. For the moment, however, Malherbe will only receive training allowances. Explanations from President Olivier Pickeu.

Several transfers are of great interest to Stade Malherbe this summer, including that of Alexis Beka Beka to Nice. Selling percentages are at the heart of the negotiations when you sell a player…

It all depends on the price at which on a sold. The less you sell, the easier it is to put a high percentage. We have players who left free of compensation this year, but not free of rights on it. I am thinking, for example, of Yoël Armougom and Steve Shamal. We have retained rights in the event of future resales. These are significant percentages. Concerning Alexis Beka Beka, we worked on percentages in stages. The more expensive the Loko sold Alexis, the greater our gain. These were in increments of 5%, 10% and 12.5%. We are waiting to receive the terms of the contract to be able to activate our bonuses.

Do you have any idea of ​​the level concerned in the context of his transfer to Nice?

The first important thing is that we are going to recover the two million that are due to us (from the transfer from Caen to Lokomotiv, editor’s note) and that we were to receive in January 2023. This is still very good news given the political context linked to the war in Ukraine. When I made the deal, there was no war. From the moment the transfer of Beka to Nice is validated, this means that the payments can be made. When they are done one way, they are done the other.

You will also receive training allowances…

They represent 5% of the sum (total transfer, note). This is another good news. This should correspond to around 500,000 euros. For the moment, we will only receive training allowances.

What about the percentage on the capital gain that you mentioned earlier?

We will touch it when the transfer has exceeded 12 million, so when the bonuses are paid. I read in the press that there was talk of a transfer of 12 million euros plus two to three million euros in bonuses. As long as the bonuses are not activated, we do not enter the percentages. I need to have the documents to know how to trigger the bonuses so as to be compensated.

You are optimistic about the sale.

When we go to Moscow, we often go to London afterwards. This is the trip I had imagined for Alexis. But we are talking about another era.

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