SNCF strike in Île-de-France: what to expect this Friday?

The local social which started this Thursday on lines L and J will extend on Friday. And it will have significant consequences on the circulation of trains in Île-de-France. It will take 1 train out of 3 on average on the Transilien H, J, L and R lines. There will be many trains at peak times on the Pontoise-Creil branch of line H, but replacement buses will be put in place the rest of the day. On the other hand, the journey on the Melun-Montereau branch via Héricy, of line R, will be provided by bus throughout the day, even at rush hour.

On the RER D, 1 train out of 2 circular at peak times and 1 train out of 3 at off-peak hours on the Melun-Paris branches via Combs-la-Ville, Corbeil Essonnes-Paris Gare de Lyon via Évry-Courcouronnes, Châtelet les Halles north of the line. The interconnection will be suspended between the stations of Paris Gare de Lyon and Châtelet les Halles, which means that no train will circulate between these two stations.

SNCF is also planning 2 out of 3 trains on average on RER C. On RER A, traffic will be normal with the exception of the Nanterre Préfecture-Cergy le Haut branch, on which 3 out of 5 trains will run during peak hours and only one train per hour at off-peak hours. On the Nanterre Préfecture-Poissy branch, there will only be one train out of 3 throughout the day.

Special device for the final of the Top 14 rugby

Finally, traffic will be almost normal on RER B, and normal on the other lines: E, K, N, P, U, and on trams T4 and T11. To transport spectators to the Top 14 rugby final in good conditions, which are played on Friday evening at the Stade de France, the SNCF has set up a “specific device”: “the RER B and D lines, the metros 12 and 13 are reinforced, “said the company in a press release, specifying that the Stade de France opens its doors at 5 p.m.

The SNCF “recommends that people who have planned to travel by train that day on the lines concerned to postpone their journey as far as possible and to favor teleworking”.

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