Summer kitchen: our inspirations for furnishing it

Enjoying the sun while staying at home is possible. For this, we prepare the exterior and transform it into a true haven of peace. To enjoy dinner and aperitif on the terrace, set up a summer kitchen, here are our decorative inspirations.

Summer kitchen: decorative inspirations spotted on Pinterest

Exploit the space on the terrace to build a kitchen, it’s possible ! In summer, the sun is out and it’s time to enjoy it. To do this, we set up a summer kitchen. There are different ways to decorate this space to make it a friendly place. Put on natural materials, such as wood, rattan or wicker for a cozy effect. To enlarge the space, opt for sober colors. Finally, for a trendy summer kitchen, we put on the patterns for a bohemian effect.

How to arrange a summer kitchen?

To share good times with loved ones on sunny days, set up a summer kitchen ! For it to be functional and practical, it must be well equipped (oven, sink, worktop, etc.). Also plan for storage, so you will have all your utensils at your fingertips. Just like the balconyor the terrace, the decoration of your summer kitchen should not be neglected. Bet on trendy furniture, cushions, an outdoor rug and a few plants to green it all up! To sift the atmosphere of your summer evenings, compose a light string.

Designing a summer kitchen: what are the mistakes to avoid?

When you organize your summer kitchen, it is important to avoid certain errors. First of all, it is essential to plan such a construction well. Plan for water supply, sockets and electricity. Indeed, you are going to need all these elements to calmly prepare your meals. Just like in an indoor kitchen, it is important to be able to move freely in an outdoor kitchen. Therefore, arrange the sorting space to be able to move freely. Adapt your decoration to the surface and its size. Don’t neglect the storage space, to keep your utensils close at hand.

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