“France is a priority for Google Cloud”

“France is a priority for Google Cloud”

By Ingrid Vergara Published 1 minute ago, Update 1 minute ago Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud (here in 2021 in Sunnyvale, CA). Cayce Clifford/Bloomberg MAINTENANCE – The CEO of Google Cloud details his strategy for conquering a hyper-growth market. Less than four years after taking the dreams, Thomas Kurian transformed Google’s cloud division. World … Read more

The pressure against Google Analytics is increasing in France

By Claudia Cohen Posted yesterday at 7:52 p.m., Update yesterday at 9:46 p.m. In a decision of February 10, the Cnil prohibits the use of Google Analytics in France. wachiwit – stock.adobe.com The Cnil has received 42 complaints against the media that use the American giant’s popular statistical tool. The hunt for Google Analytics users … Read more

How Spotlight and Safari Bypass Google

Thanks to frame App Intents, which completes the atomization of applications for the purposes of automation with Shortcuts, Spotlight becomes a launcher capable of applying “quick actions”. In a more subtle, but more fundamental way, Spotlight gives increasing importance to results from the web at the same time as Safari gives an increasing role to … Read more

A Danish site sues Google in Brussels for abuse of a dominant position

A Danish job search site announced on Monday that it was filing a complaint against Google with the European Commission, accusing the American giant of “abuse of dominant position“. Read alsoAWS, Microsoft and Google take over the cloud market in France Jobindex is calling on Brussels to take legal action against Google after the latest … Read more

Tribute to Anne Frank on Google with a Doodle slideshow of the “Diary of Anne Frank” – Search Engines – Articles

What could be better than to cultivate yourself this Saturday, June 25, by offering to learn a little more about “Anne Frank” who has the honors of the home page of the Google search engine with a colorful and animated Doodle entitled “Tribute to Anne Frank. A Doodle that pays homage to Anne Frank, the … Read more

Google has permanently replaced Android Auto

However, the driving mode of the Google assistant does not yet have all the features that Android Auto had. Indeed, it is not possible to choose a guide application other than Google Maps with the Google Assistant, for example. It is also not possible to switch to landscape mode for navigation. But the other functions … Read more

Google ordered to pay damages to defamed elected official

Australia’s federal court on Monday ordered Google to pay more than 466,000 euros to an Australian politician who had been featured in comedian videos hosted on YouTube. In 2020, John Barilaro was Deputy Premier of New South Wales when he was targeted by an Australian comedian, known as ‘friendlyjordies’. In videos posted on YouTube, he … Read more