Rennes: Noah Françoise’s father sentenced by the courts after attacking Denis Arnaud

The Rennes criminal court has sentenced it to a ban on sports grounds for one year and a ban on coming into contact with the victim for an equivalent period. Robert Françoise, 49, was also ordered to pay one euro in damages to Stade Rennais. Pretty much as requested At the hearing, at the beginning … Read more

Top 14: Montpellier celebrates its Place de la Comédie title

(Sy. Thomas/The Team) After a night of celebration in Paris, Montpellier residents arrived at around 7:30 p.m. at Montpellier Sud de France station, before heading to Place de la Comédie. (Sy. Thomas/The Team) Place de la Comédie, the MHR players presented the Shield of Brennus. (Sy. Thomas/The Team) The crowd had the opportunity to touch … Read more

Guilhem Guirado (Montpellier): “Not far from the apotheosis”

Guilhem Guirado, Montpellier hooker, 2022 French champion: “We did 10-15 minutes of madness and we showed some pseudo-specialists that we knew how to play rugby. We scored three tries in 10 minutes, I don’t even know if it happened in the final in the Top 14. We showed that we could be consistent. The leaders … Read more

Mathieu Babillot, beaten with Castres by Montpellier in the final of the Top 14: “This ename is catastrophic”

Mathieu Babillot, on Canal+, after the defeat of Castres in front of Montpellier (10-29) in the final of the Top 14: “What is certain is that this match ename is catastrophic, we must not lie to ourselves. Congratulations to this Montpellier team who countered us, who took advantage of our flaws at the start of … Read more

Mohed Altrad after the coronation of Montpellier: “It will take others to establish an institution”

Mohed Altrad, president of Montpellier, at the microphone of Canal + after the victory against Castres on Friday in the final of the Top 14: “I spent time understanding rugby. I made mistakes, I corrected them. My mistakes were stigmatized sometimes excessively. We searched for our identity to the point that we ended up getting … Read more

Benoît Paillaugue, champion of France with Montpellier: “We got spat on…”

Benoît Paillaugue, on Canal+, after Montpellier’s victory over Castres in the Top 14 final: “It’s confusing, it’s a mess, I don’t realize at all. Go down in history (of the club), we are the first. It’s crazy because you would have told me that at the start of the season, I would have laughed. I … Read more

Incidents at the Stade de France: Liverpool supporters “will never forgive”

We don’t know if it was the presence of the fan representatives in front of him that made him say that. But from the start of the debates, François-Noël Buffet, president of the Senate law commission, decided in one sentence: “Let’s be clear and blunt, because it’s now clear: England fans were not the cause … Read more

Sale of OL imminent: board of directors advanced, Textor on pole

The change of boss at OL is becoming clearer and should be confirmed this Monday evening. Initially scheduled for Tuesday at 5 p.m., the OL Groupe board of directors has just been brought forward by 24 hours and will therefore take place on Monday afternoon. At the request of the company, the title was suspended … Read more

Matthieu Jalibert after the defeat of UBB in the semi-finals of the Top 14: “We didn’t deserve to go to the final”

Matthieu Jalibert (opener for UBB, beaten in the Top 14 semi-finals by Montpellier, at the microphone of Canal+) : “The course stops… hot, it’s difficult to react, I think that we never knew how to find the solutions to put them in difficulty, we were taken in conquest, behind we didn’t never won the advantage … Read more

Leandro Paredes’ contract with PSG has been automatically extended until 2024

Arrived at PSG in January 2019 from Zénith Saint-Petersburg, Leandro Paredes is one of the players who would not be retained this summer by the club of the capital, wishing to renew part of its workforce and in particular in the midfield. Existing interests for the Argentinian (27), who has become one of the executives … Read more