The Bordeaux payroll supervised by the DNCG

The DNCG took the Girondins at their word. Following the new hearing of Bordeaux leaders on Tuesday afternoon, the financial policeman of French football decided to frame the payroll and transfer allowances in the budget presented by the club. In other words: Bordeaux will have to stay within the nails of the budget it has presented itself, which is not necessarily good news at the moment T.

According to our information, the club’s payroll is currently €5 million higher than that presented to the DNCG. Contacted, the club did not wish to comment on this sanction. In the environment of the club, a doubt existed this Tuesday on the room for maneuver that the DNCG could grant to the Girondins without departures beforehand.

As a reminder, the first two summer recruits Vital Nsimba and Yoann Barbet have been waiting for several weeks for the approval of their contract. They were not qualified for the 1st day of L2 against Valenciennes. Another recruit was supposed to join the Bordeaux group this week: Danish goalkeeper Jonas Lössl.


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