The cat Zazou returns to the North after an unexpected trip to… Antwerp

This is the story of Zazou, a beautiful 7-year-old gray tiger cat… who has just had a hell of an adventure. On board a Bulgarian truck.

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Zazou, according to his mistress Jessica, is a young cat who likes to go out, and who is curious about everything… “ Once he was found locked in a neighbour’s garage, other times he enters the surrounding houses… » As usual, this Friday, zazou makes his small tour in the district… but this time the tour in question took him much further than expected!

Social networks are sometimes good! On May 20, the town hall of Aubry-du-Hainaut relayed on its Facebook page a publication proposed by a veterinary clinic located in Antwerp. This reports that a cat was found in the port, hidden up to the frame of a container from France, from Aubry du Hainaut.


Spotted by the driver’s wife

Jessica, its owner, fortunately active on social networks, immediately recognizes her cat Zazou who had smuggled himself into the truck of a Bulgarian driver and who flew 170 km away… It was the trucking company that found him and were surprised that the cat had not jumped or fallen from his hiding place.

Zazou joined the clinic, with which Jessica identified herself thanks to a friend of her daughter who speaks Flemish. She also got in touch with the couple of Bulgarian truckers who took in her cat and who have been asking her for news since.

This Saturday, her husband and children took to the road, heading to the depths of Belgium to pick up Zazou, placed in a refuge near the Dutch border.. Lucky that Jessica saw him on the social network because in a fortnight the cat would have been offered for adoption.

Since Zazou returned to his house, he is doing well but doesn’t want to go out anymore. It is true that we are much better at home.

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