The DNCG lifts OM’s reprieve and gives it the green light for the transfer window / France / Olympique de Marseille /

The mercatOM can begin in earnest.

Silent in terms of arrivals since the opening of the transfer window, despite the consecutive departures of William Saliba and Boubacar Kamara, OM were no doubt waiting for the green light from the DNCG to move on to second place. The body, which had given a “stay of proceedings” to the Marseille club on May 31, finally raised this reprieve on Thursday and decided not to award any additional sanction. In other words: the serious things will now begin.

According to information from RMC Sport, Frank McCourt managed to give all the necessary guarantees to the financial policeman of football and to prove that the club was in a virtuous circle. The payroll will no longer be limited, and Pablo Longoria will finally be able to take his phone out of his pocket to make a few heartfelt phone calls.

Even if he can already remove Axel Witsel from his repertoire.


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