the féra, an emblematic fish of high altitude lakes and treasure of Lake Annecy



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The principle of the section “The small dishes in the screen”? A seasonal product, a producer and a recipe concocted by a chef. Stopover, Saturday May 28, on Lake Annecy to discover the féra, an emblematic fish of high altitude lakes.

The féra, a freshwater fish, hides under turquoise waters in a setting surrounded by mountains: Lake Annecy (Haute-Savoie). Emmanuel Clerc is one of two professional fishermen on the lake. He is, that morning, accompanied by his friend Gilles Nulli, a restaurant owner in Saint-Jorioz (Haute-Savoie). The emblematic species is preserved, and the fisherman describes his chair as “very sensitive”.

To get the best out of fish, you must not waste a minute. “It’s very important to prepare them as soon as possible. That way it’s much easier, the fish is much firmer and you can scale it much better, fillet it,” explains Gilles Nulli. The chef, Frédéric Giguet, never tires of working with this product. “We are really lucky to have this”, he said. The féra is prepared here in a meunière style: the fillets are turned over in flour, before being cooked in a frying pan in butter.

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