the future will be written without Pascal Dupraz

If nothing has been decided yet, ASSE will start looking for a new coach on Monday, whether the club remains in Ligue 1 or plunges into Ligue 2 after its return play-off.

Pascal Dupraz, as he said when he arrived in December, and despite his desire for an extension settled at the heart of his period of success, will therefore only be the man for a six-month mission.

A third maintenance on his CV?

Both parties would have agreed that it was wiser to open a new round. And for the Haut-Savoyard to hope to leave crowned with a third maintenance to be included on his CV after those of Evian and Toulouse.

Laurent Battles, on the market since the end of his adventure in Troyes and who knows the Saint-Etienne club perfectly, Jocelyn Gourvennec, who should leave Lille, and Michel Der Zakarian, still under contract in Brest, are the names that most often support in case of maintaining ASSE in the top flight.

If there is relegation to Ligue 2, it will most likely be necessary to broaden the spectrum of research.

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