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Today, the gastronomic offer is plural. We see the birth of many addresses, from the most classic to the most experimental. We like to discover them, give our opinion, vibrate to the rhythm of the dishes or, on the contrary, be disappointed with what we are offered. So when we find an address that transports us, which makes us want to be choosy, we don’t let it escape. Lately it’s The Gallopin which caught our attention. A restaurant with no frills, with a simple and refined decoration against a backdrop of punk music. Located in the heart of 10th district, the Galopin which appears in Michelin Guide offers a five-step taste experience. And it is a huge success.

Food, wine and experiences

At the head of this bistro, Julien Simonet. Passed by Parisian houses like Ze Kitchen Galerie or Porte 12, he was mainly trained in Japan, an essential step to open up to cooking and all the diversity it has to offer. And he was brilliantly inspired by it. His watchword for a successful kitchen? The product. “It is imperative to know its origin, its quality and its seasonality to be able to get the best out of it, he explains. With him, no pretense. Out of the question to make it top. The idea is to achieve mix the flavors, even the most unexpected by offering an effective dish. Again, bet held. From the amuse-bouche, it is a explosion of flavors in the mouth. And the idea that cooking offers special emotions has never been truer than when tasting Julien’s cooking. The chef achieves a feat: offering exceptional cuisine in the most total modesty and in a relaxed atmosphere.

Le Galopin: the pleasure of the senses above all

Restaurant Within this, we come to live a real experience. More than a moment at the table, we live a real moment of sharing, both with the guests and with the staff. You will be able to see the chef cooking from the open kitchen, which, by the way, does not give off any unpleasant odors. This 27-year-old chef will be happy to meet you to find out if everything went well and explain his menu, which he has developed over the weeks, according to his mood and the leftovers he has. in the kitchen. Thanks to these leftovers, we were treated to a beef tenderloin with peanut butter sauce delicious. “I didn’t know what to do with that jar of peanut butter lying around, so I decided to make a sauce using it as a base to accompany the meat”, he explains. A triumph. And we would do it again. To accompany your five dishesthe chef offers a superb food and wine pairing from a wide selection of regions and grape varieties.

The level of value for money, again, there is nothing to complain about. Count 55 euros per person for the five-course meal in the evening and add 35 euros if you want to live the experience to the full with the food and wine pairing. In essence, count 90 euros for a moment suspended alongside people who will make you want to find other secret addresses and qualitative. Here, we are far from stuffy addresses where the pasta dish is 50 euros. Here, we take the time to live, to feel and like what we eat. In short: run for it.

Address: 34 rue Saint-Marthe, 75010 Paris

Opening days :

  • Dinner from Tuesday to Saturday (7.30pm-10pm)
  • Lunch from Wednesday to Saturday (12 p.m.-2 p.m.)
  • Closed Monday and Sunday

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