The Google Pixel 6A finally supported

the patch Android 13 beta 4 arrived last Monday for all other phones to bring bug fixes and should be one of the last releases before the mainstream launch. Today’s update only affects the Pixel 6a and appends “.A2” to the build number.

You can easily sign up through the beta program from Android or by sideloading manual (faster): TPB4.220624.008.A2 – Factory image – OTA

Update: according to the notes of Android 13 Beta releasedthe Pixel 6a should run the July security patch, like all other devices Beta 4.1. However, after installation,” June 1, 2022 is listed on both the system update screen and the Security Center.

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Along with other visual and feature changes, Android 13 is expected to bring the July security patch to the Pixel 6a after its June Day 1 update, which was just released for devices Global/Unlocked and AT&T/T-Mobile this afternoon. (This comes as the August security patch is uncharacteristically not yet available for any Pixels).

Meanwhile, according to security release notes released todayit looks like android 13 will launch in september. It is not known if the Pixel updates will result in the first Monday of this month or if it will only be the version for AOSP (Android Open Source Project). The OTA could start later in the month like last year.

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