The healthy and balanced cuisine of Singes Gourmands in Tarbes

Open for almost 2 years, Avenue des forges in Tarbes, the restaurant “Les singes gourmands” offers a real Zen and relaxing universe. The proposed cuisine aims to delight the taste buds while being good for your health.

Healthy, balanced and gourmet dishes.

The restaurant pays particular attention to the origin of the cooked products, and is in a locavore approach in order to enhance the local ecosystem and preserve the environment. The composition of the plates is balanced, so that each dish is good for the health.

And because eating is a pleasure, Le singe Gourmand’s cuisine is resolutely gourmet and its flavors awaken the taste buds.

A healthy mind in a healthy body

In addition to its cuisine, it is a whole state of mind that is offered by the Gourmet Monkeys. The zen and vegetal atmosphere goes hand in hand with a warm welcome, as well as with the workshops offered in the restaurant, such as Yoga or baby massages.

For more information, visit the Les Singes Gourmands restaurant website.

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