The Noise in the Kitchen franchise, a differentiating concept

The Noise in the Kitchen franchise presents its shops as places of exploration, exchanges and gourmet discoveries. The brand provides its customers with everything related to the art of cooking. Know-how and expertise that can benefit entrepreneurs wishing to start an activity in this sector.

A differentiating concept in a booming market

Noise in the Kitchen was founded by André Tordjman. Backed by a rich career in training and experience as a professor at HEC, then as marketing director at Auchan, André Tordjman decided to start a retail business on a dynamic market and in constant progress.

The brand offers a innovative concept and an competitive offer. The latter revolves around groceries, tableware, utensils and cookbooks.
The brand brings together enthusiasts of the culinary arts and gourmet pleasures, in spaces for sharing ideas and techniques as well as novelties. In addition to offering a wide range of products and articlesNoise in the Kitchen relies on service quality to retain customers and attract new ones. The points of sale of the network include in particular free delivery and return in store, reservation in 2 hours, also free, as well as a payment security guarantee.

Why join the Noise in the Kitchen franchise?

By becoming a franchisee Noise in the Kitchenthe member benefits froma wide and diversified offer of quality products as well as a particularly attractive store concept and highly competitive.
In addition, the brand ensures that it remains close to its employees and customers. She puts on values ​​of agility and innovation, which allows it to always be in tune with the times. Its real commitment to its teams, partners and suppliers allows it to stand out.

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