The Rochelais are being punished too much on penalties… Follow the meeting with us

41st: And already a proven first for La Rochelle. West transform it. 2/2 for the Rochelais striker!

40th: Here we go again, ball to the Rochelais.

40th: It’s transformed, and the referee blows his whistle for half-time.

40th : New penalty against the Rochelais. It’s the 8th. Sexton is getting ready again.

39th : Lots of collapsed scrums. Focus guys.

39th : What pressure from the Irish on the Rochelais, forced to flatten in their own area.

37th : The ball is returned to Leinster after another error in the scrum.

36th : The Stade Vélodrome pushes the Rochelais, they have a scrum very close to the test area of ​​the Irish.

35′: Oh no, another ill-fitting pass from a player from La Rochelle when they tried to score a strong try. Such a waste.

33rd : The ball is often in the hands of the Maritimes but the Leinster players are difficult to circumvent.

31st : Another opportunity wasted by the Rochelais after a new breakthrough from Rhule. The ball is returned to Leinster.

30th : Ronan O’Gara’s men have a lot of impact.

28′: Attempt to drop completely missed by Sexton. It doesn’t look like him, and he gets booed by the stadium.

27th : Very good defense of La Rochelle after a scrum from the Irish. It was not far from cracking but they finally held!

22nd: And it is once again transformed by the Irishman and Leinster regains the advantage!

20th: And a new penalty for Sexton, be careful not to make too many mistakes and stupidly give points to the Irish.

19th : Superb interception of the Rochelais who could have gone to register in a new test, but the referee returns to a fault for Leinster.

17th : The Rochelais are doing very well in their scrum. But they need to do a little better on their passing game.

15th : Already a change for Leinster, Kelleher is replaced by Sheehan.

14th : The Rochelais settle quietly in the camp of the Irish.

11th: It’s West who takes charge in the transformation and it passes! 6-7 for La Rochelle. This transformation will give them confidence.

9th: Test for La Rochelle! Magnificent breakthrough from Rhule from the left in the Irish defense and he goes flat! Very nice reaction, it was necessary.

8th: It is automatically transformed by Johnny Sexton! 2/2 for him.

8th : And already a new weakness for Sexton! Even closer.

7th : It’s going very very quickly forward for the Irish, the Maritimes are overwhelmed on all sides.

6th : Another fault from a La Rochelle player which already allows Leinster to recover the ball. Better use it!

5th: It is successful by Sexton, 3-0 for Leinster!

4th : First penalty for Leinster, full axis.

2nd : The Irish are already very dangerous in the 25 meters Rochelais, they emerge as they can.

1st: Big physical impact from Leinster who met crazy pressure on the yellow and white today.

1st: The kick off is given by Leinster.

5:43 p.m. : The players enter the lawn of the Vélodrome stadium in a sacred atmosphere!

5:42 p.m. : And that of the ogres of Leinster.

5:40 p.m. : The La Rochelle team for this final.

5:38 p.m. : Well, I’m more used to liver the exploits of Payet and his friends from OM so be indulgent on this game!

5:35 p.m. : Lots of yellow flags in the Vélodrome stadium at the announcement of the La Rochelle players!

5:32 p.m. : Come on, let’s go to follow this final of the European Rugby Cup together. Big atmosphere in Marseille since the beginning of the weekend with all these rugby fans from all over Europe. The weather is nice, warm and the beer is flowing.

Hi everyone and welcome to 20 Minutes to follow this European Rugby Cup final between etauLes Rochelais, far from being favorites, must ward off fate so as not to lose a fourth final in a row. Will the scorers finally be up to the challenge? Ronan O’Gara’s men will have to do without their All Blacks Tawera Kerr-Barlow and Victor Vito, but they can count on their Australian colossus, Will Skelton, who will be there. The Irish will be almost complete. Only Jordan Larmour is not present on the score sheet.

>> See you around 5:30 p.m. to follow this European Cup final under the Marseille sun

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