the vegetable maze on the theme of cooking in Charmes-sur-Rhône

The Mirabel district, in Charmes-sur-Rhône, is home to a new version of the plant labyrinth imagined by Philippe Léorat. For this summer 2022, the Charmésien has declined the theme of the kitchen by materializing, according to the alleys of corn, the drawing of a saucepan and a fork, among others.

Visitors, provided with a plan, will define twelve panels on which will name fun questions and rebuses for adults and children. The answers are then corrected at the exit of this 3 hectare labyrinth.

Open every day until the end of August, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., and the first three Sundays of September (in this very hot period, it is advisable to come in the morning). Night openings until midnight are offered on Fridays by reservation at; bring a flashlight. Prices: €6.50, €5.50 (over 5s and under 15s), free for children under 5s.

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