“They cloned Mbappé”, the pro signature of Malamine Efekele makes social networks laugh

This Friday, AS Monaco announced the professional signing of Malamine Efekele (18) until 2025. If the striker is not known to the general public, the native of Livry-Gargan, who passed through AS Bondy , was quick to react on social networks, because of his striking resemblance to Kylian Mbappé.

For many years, AS Monaco has contributed to the development of players who subsequently have a great career, such as Kylian Mbappé. Speaking of the latter, the Monegasques may well have found… his look-alike.

Malamine Efekele. This name may not mean much to the general public, but the 18-year-old striker has been making waves on social media since signing his professional contract this week. For good reason, the Frenchman looks a lot like Mbappé, but the comparison does not stop at the physical. The player was trained at AS Bondy, like the current Parisian, and he went through INF Clairefontaine, like the current Parisian. The Monegasque was even trained by the father of the PSG striker: Wilfrid Mbappé.

The network comparison game

As often, Internet users on social networks were quick to show their ingenuity in highlighting the resemblance between Efekele and Mbappé. Some even imagine the 18-year-old wearing the colors of PSG and facing the 2018 world champion in a hypothetical PSG-Real Madrid in the Champions League.

The comparison could not stop there, since Efekele is considered a very promising element, which would have caught the eye of several foreign teams in recent months. In the past, Chelsea were even interested. Last season, the native of Livry-Gargan finished top scorer for the U19s with 17 goals.

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