Top Chef: Philippe Etchebest hospitalized after an error in the kitchen!

Philippe Etchebest, the juror of Top Chef, recently confessed to having been hospitalized after a kitchen error.

Being a kitchen professional does not prevent you from do something silly or get hurt. Philippe Etchebest (Excellent chef) can attest to this. The MCE TV editorial explains everything from A to Z!

The season of Excellent chef is currently in progress

Maybe you’re a fan of cooking reality shows. If so, don’t be ashamed. It’s a way oflearn to cook good food, while having fun. And the least we can say is that you are spoiled for choice.

Excellent chef rest one of the most watched programs in the genre. Season 13 is also underway. But is it as good as previous seasons? Is it worth seeing?

Our colleagues from TV Star posed the question to three former candidates. Regarding Mohamed Cheikh, the winner of season 12, he admits that he wanted to watch. Pour as much, his job does not allow him.

“I was off to watch this season but i’m so tired right now that I fall asleep. »also named Pierre Augé, big winner of Excellent chef in 2014.

I do not have never watched again while I love this show and have always watched it. »explained Merouan Bounekraf, a candidate for season 10 of Excellent chef. The latter finds it strange to follow this program when he knows all the workings.

However, the three candidates admit that the participants have talent. Pierre Augé was notably disappointed with the elimination of Renaud Ramamourty. But after all, that’s part of the game. It’s not not the only one who has to go home. The MCE TV editorial staff tells you more, in the rest of this article.

Top Chef: Philippe Etchebest hospitalized after an error in the kitchen!

Philippe Etchebest confides in his own cooking experience

Whether Excellent chef is also appreciated, it is in particular thanks to Philippe Etchebest, one of the jurors. Despite his outspokenness, it is a very attached personality.

Yes, always good advice towards the various candidates (and compassion). We would even go so far as to say that it has inspired more than one person to get into the kitchen.

It must be recognized that Philippe Etchebest (Excellent chef) to the bottle. Indeed, he knows a department in the kitchen. But beware. That didn’t stop him from doing a few dumplings, during his long career.

He also named a beautiful one, a short time ago, to Tibo InShape and his sweetheart, Juju FitCats. The latter were supposed to help him produce a YouTube video featuring dishes for an entire day.

But influencers kept asking the juror questions about Excellent chef. “The worst sore I’ve had, I’m making fish soup. And while cleaning the fish, I did not blunder and I got stung by a live. »he named then.

Before giving more details: “After a week, I was really not well. I arrive in the kitchen, I had eyes like that. The chef looks at me, he thinks I’ve been partying all night. He asks me if it’s okay, I tell him “No, no, it’s not okay”. And then I show him my arm. I had a whole chain of ganglia along the arm. “.

Philippe Etchebest (Excellent chef) therefore had no choice but to go to the hospital. It was there that he realized thathe had a blood infection. Ouch!

Photo credits: Moritz Thibaud/ABACA
Moritz Thibaud/ABACA

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