Toulouse: a Husky dog ​​has disappeared since May, its owner tells and calls for witnesses

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Since last May, Johan, a 32-year-old from Toulouse, has been looking everywhere for his Husky breed dog. According to him, his animal was stolen from his garden. He calls for witnesses.

Johan is very moved when he pronounces the name of his Husky dog, Zak. Since last May, this father of a two-year-old boy has been looking everywhere for his dog. “I left for work in the morning as usual, it was mid-May, Zak was in the garden in a closed enclosure that I had made for him. When I came back he was gone. People m They then said when I looked for him that someone had entered the enclosure and left with it, “recalls this Toulousain.

Confused, 32-year-old Johan tries to find out how his dog could have been kidnapped. “I only have information given by people, I don’t know what is true, if they are rumours, but I only have that to try to find my dog”, confides, this father, very affected by the disappearance of his dog. According to these neighborhood rumors, the Husky dog ​​was sold to a homeless man for a hundred euros. “People told me that Zak at one point was in Montpellier accompanied by a man who was begging, then he was seen again in Toulouse very thin, with damaged legs”, continues Johan, a little disconcerted by this story.

Johan, the owner of Zak, a Husky has been desperately looking for him since May.

In order to find him, this 30-year-old traveled for miles in the city center of Toulouse to hope to meet him. “Every evening, I did rounds, for several hours. Once, I even used up a whole tank of gas by dint of doing rounds and rounds”, admits Johan. He also assures that since May, his son has not stopped asking him where his dog is. “It’s really hard for him, they’re the same age, he’s known that since he was a baby,” he adds. Moreover, as soon as Johan leaves his home, he is on the lookout with the deep hope of seeing his dog.

A friend of his, Margot, seeing this dad and his son unhappy since Zak’s disappearance, posted an online petition on the site where she asks Internet users for any information to find the dog. Within hours, thousands of people showed their support for Johan and his son.

In case of important information, you can contact the owner of the dog at the following address: [email protected]

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