Toulouse: their plant-based cooking school project relaunched thanks to a participatory campaign

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Work on Marie and Vincent’s first premises for their plant-based cooking school has already been delayed for more than a year due to problems with their craftsman. Last Thursday, they launched an online participatory campaign that exceeded their hopes.

From the outside, the plant-based cooking school “Comme une poule” seems ready to welcome the public. However, the interior is still under construction and has been for many months. It is in a former hairdressing salon in Saint Michel, that the young couple hoped to give cooking lessons from October 2021. “When we came we cried, this craftsman drove us crazy”, confides Marie Audo, again under emotion. Nearly 8,000 euros were invested by the couple of associates with a craftsman who would have done almost nothing for three months. This misadventure seriously delayed their project. Since February, they have put their activities aside to do their work themselves, full time. A delay that more than doubled the initial budget. It is this upset daily life that Marie shares on their Instagram page, “Comme une poule”.

Comme une poule, one of the few plant-based cooking schools in Toulouse

In 2019, Marie and Vincent are renting kitchens to teach the art of vegetable cooking to their students. At that time, these experienced trainers already dream of having a fixed place. Health crisis obliges, they start the courses at a distance. It is a real success, the number of courses given is multiplied by two. “It was well received but to satisfy everyone, we wanted to resume face-to-face,” explains Vincent. This is when things change. Between the visit to the premises and the signing of the sale, a year passes. Gradually, the adopted Toulouse residents realize the extent of the work: redo all the electricity, plumbing, tiling…

A participatory campaign that explodes

“We have already reached our funding objective of more than 157%”, announces, smiling, Vincent. It is to get out of the nightmare of these interminable works that the participatory campaign is induced. 5,000 euros was the basic objective to finish the work. “If we have reached 15,000 euros, we will be able to reach our initial objective and decorate to give a nice atmosphere to the school”, hopes Marie. With the progress made, the couple hope to be free to go on a well-deserved vacation in a few weeks and to open the school next September.

Opening scheduled for September 2022

Like a hen, 3 rue Massenet, 31400 Toulouse

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