Two Lorient residents publish a new cookbook with 50 recipes from the Breton islands

Roll out the bread dough into a rectangle with a rolling pin. On top, we mix 250 g of semi-salted butter, 250 g of sugar, 250 g of raisins, we collect all that in a cylinder, which we enclose in a tight cloth and well tied at the ends with string.

What fresh!

And hop, we dive into the cooking broth of the pot-au-feu that we had set aside. After three quarters of an hour of quivering, we taste something unique: the kouign pod, specialty of Groix (Morbihan) “Some, in addition, brown the pieces in butter in the pan. That’s vice”tastes Xavier Dubois, photographer and co-author, with Jean-Benoit Beven from Lorient, of Recipes from the Breton islands published by La Nouvelle Bleue, based in Languidic (Morbihan).

This is the raw version of the kouign pod. In the book, the local chef Jean-Louis Farjot offers a slightly more elaborate version. An interpretation of tradition, one would say. “There is less sugar, less grapes, and Jean-Louis adds apple cut into small cubes, sprinkled with lemon juice. It refreshes the plate! »admits Xavier Dubois.

The kouign pod of Groix, implemented by the groisillon chef Jean-Louis Farjot. © XAVIER DUBOIS

For a year, Xavier Dubois and Jean-Benoit Beven sailed from island to island. An iodized Tro Breizh, punctuated by eleven stopovers. In their nets, fifty local recipes, revisited by the islanders themselves and concocted with fresh local produce. “It is above all a story of men and women. » Witness the warm dressed portraits of Jean-Benoit Beven and the delicious photos of Xavier Dubois.

Taste, you will have

All that remains is to spread the book out on the kitchen table and head for all these island flavors. On the menu, among others: stuffed clams from the island of Arz, rata of barnacles from Bréhat, financier of nettles and snails raised in Groix, pesked ha farz from Ouessant (Finistère), old (an unknown fish) on potatoes in Sein, barnacles with pleuric (wild oregano from the island) in Belle-Ile, tagine of conger eel with lemon confit in Hœdic (Morbihan), Molène abalones with parsley (and the famous sausage ragout from the island), terrine of the hunters of the Île aux Moines from the traditional meal of the local archers, or the famous Armorican lobster from Houat.

Dedication Saturday August 6, 2022as part of the Interceltic Festival, at 2 p.m. at the Coop Breizh stand, Literary Gardens, Hôtel Gabriel, opposite the Amphi (place d’Armes).

Recipes from the Breton islands 256 pages, 50 recipes in 11 gourmet stops, portraits and photos, La Nouvelle Bleue editions, €24.


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