Ugo Humbert: “I think there was room”

“We imagine that you must come out of this game frustrated. On the periods when you play at your true level, you seem stronger than him. How do you explain it?
It is not the first time. That’s what I feel quite often. I have too many ups and downs to hope for better. It’s true that, compared to the qualities I have, yes I have the level to beat this kind of player. I have already proven it. But on this match, there were too many moments when I had big drops: I don’t return at all, I don’t put him in danger at all, his games go very quickly. I thought I was going to be able to at least return the 4th set, I felt that it was starting to lean on my side, that he was putting a little less juice. And then it got badly pinned and it turned quite quickly, when I felt that I was taking over. It’s quite frustrating. So I’m a little disappointed. I think there was room to do something better.

How do you plan to work to regain some consistency?
The biggest point for me at the moment is to stabilize my team, my entourage. I think it will do me good on the court too. Then, start again on a work dynamic and that will do it. These are widely attainable things.

Exactly, where are you? Is there anything you can announce now regarding your new staff?
It will still be a little later, but it won’t be long (smile).

You have won two games in a row, which did not happen to you in 2022.
It’s true. I’m happy to have already won two games, even if there are no points at the end. I won my first match in five sets, that’s already a good victory in difficulty. There was better against Ruud. It’s positive and I feel that it’s going to go back in the right direction. »


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