unpublished at La Chapelle-Launay Wednesday June 22 on M6 with Philippe Etchebest (video)

Wednesday June 22 at 9:10 p.m., M6 invites you to discover a new number of “Cauchemar en cuisine” in which Philippe Etchebest will intervene in a restaurant in great difficulty in La Chapelle-Launay.

Philippe Etchebest goes to La Chapelle-Launay, a small town in Loire-Atlantique. He responds to a very special call since, for the first time, he is a 12-year-old boy, Gabriellewho called on him to save his father’s restaurant Raphael.

Since 5 years, Raphael owns a road establishment but for a few months business has obviously been going very badly. Customers are deserting the restaurant and the situation is becoming worrying. And obviously the professional difficulties have repercussions on family life: the young Gabrielle seems very affected to see his father change over the weeks.

Previously bon vivant, Raphael became sad and for his son, he has now lost his smile and no longer has the energy to share moments with him. Yet the young boy has only one dream: to find his father from before.

Extremely touched by the confidences of the young teenager, the chef Philippe Etchebest will try to save this restaurant but it is not at the end of its surprises…


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