Veretout’s response to the controversy and the rebellion of supporters around his arrival

Presented in express mode on Friday two days before the first day of Ligue 1 against Reims, former AS Roma midfielder Jordan Veretout did not escape a question about the rumble of Marseille supporters about the an affair of morals concerning his in-laws.

At OM, it is not only with the Tudor method that we walk on eggshells. With the presentation of Jordan Veretout too. Officially recruited this Friday 48 hours before the start of the season against Reims, the now ex-AS Roma midfielder arrived with a mini-controversy in his suitcases.

In question, the anger of some Olympian fans against the 29-year-old player over his supposed role in a dark sex scandal targeting his in-laws. If these supporters launched the hashtag #VeretoutNotWelcome, it is because they brought to the surface the extract from a program in which a witness assures that the ex-Nantais paid the legal costs of his beau -father, accused of sexual assault on one of his daughters (the player’s sister-in-law), then sentenced to two years in prison in 2021. In summary, OM supporters accuse Veretout of having financially helped his father-in-law and therefore, by extension, to endorse his act. A version of the facts denied by the player via his lawyer.

“In no case do I endorse such facts”

During his express presentation on Friday, Jordan Veretout did not escape a question about this family dispute. The midfielder was obviously expecting it and made it very short: “We’re going to talk about the controversy and then about football because I’m here to talk about football, said Veretout. These are difficult, complicated times. Under no circumstances I endorse such facts. I have nothing to do with this story. I am here at Olympique de Marseille to play football. To have a good time with everyone. Whether it is within the group, or at the Velodrome. I am someone who is generally appreciated. In Italy I was appreciated by everyone. I am a happy person. I am here to have fun.” And to unite all OM supporters behind him.

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