Why did Google Drive wait so long to add this?

news material Why did Google Drive wait so long to add this?

There’s no way you’re not familiar with Google Drive, and chances are you use it regularly. Even more certain that the lack of basic features annoys you. Well Google thought 2022 was finally the time to add these childish options.

Multi-text selection finally comes to Google Doc

After so many years of existence and having passed Microsoft Word and the many other word processing tools, Google Doc still lacks really useful features, which many have acquired and must have.

One of them is the possibility of selecting several parts of a text at the same time, without them following each other in the content. Thus we can assign to these sentences modifications at once such as copying them, putting them in bold or deleting them for example.

Google announced it in a note from Google Workspace: from now on, it is finally possible to enjoy it. It will have taken time for Google to save us time. You may have to wait up to 15 days depending on how lucky you are to see the option appear.

The shortcut to run is:

  • Windows: Ctrl + Alt + Shift
  • macOS: Ctrl + ⌘ + Shift

A bit laborious though.

Copy/paste files into Google Drive, finally!

This too is quite implausible. Being able to copy and paste files seems proof for an online file processing service, and it looks like Google only thought of it now.

Well hallelujah, now you don’t have to right click on a file and select “Move to”, then search among the many folders that we have to find the location in which we wish to deposit it.

Why did Google Drive wait so long to add this?

To copy/paste, here are the shortcuts to execute, you know them:

  • Windows: Ctrl + C to copy, Ctrl + V to paste, Ctrl + X to cut
  • Mac: ⌘ + C to copy, ⌘ + V to paste, ⌘ + X to cut

The fact that millions of people use Google Drive when these simple tools were not available, proves the dependence that many people have on this service. for their work or studies.

While copy/paste has just arrived, Google in parallel on upcoming features that promise to be very advanced. In Google Doc and Google Chat, the American firm, for example, wants to create automatic CVs and intelligent using artificial intelligence.

The idea is to avoid the drudgery of reading a long document or hundreds of messages in a conversation and have a small paragraph that summarizes the important points.

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