You will soon be able to play Uno! and use Youtube and Spotify in a Google Meet call

Google is preparing new features to make its video conferencing application a little more fun.

Google is in full swing with its video conferencing applications. The Mountain View firm, about to abandon Google Duo that it wants to merge with Google Meet, is preparing new features for the latter.

If Google Meet was until now rather authorized for professional use, Google intended to make it more fun. The Californian company would indeed be on the point of succeeding with a function allowing the use of other applications in real time sharing with your interlocutors.

It is in any case that seems to have discovered 9to5Google after having dissected the code of the installation file of the latest version of Google Meet on Android. According to the site, this real-time sharing option allows you to use other applications installed on your smartphone during a videoconference. According to certain elements found in the code of the application, Google Meet could soon allow you to play Uno, answer quizzes on Kahoot!, watch content on YouTube or even listen to music with Spotify. Everything would be perfectly synchronized between all participants during a video call. The presence of these application icons in the Google Meet installation file also tends to confirm the imminent launch of this function in Google’s video conferencing application.

However, the mode of operation of this novelty does not yet seem clear for the moment. Rather than embedding these apps and games directly into the call, Google could actually enable Meet in these apps. When you make a call in Google Meet and benefit from launching a game or a third-party app in the call, it would be transferred immediately to the target application. By using this system, Google reserved this functionality for Android users only. Those making calls with Google Meet from the iOS application or the web version would in fact be put on the bench. Moreover, it would also imply that the developers wishing that their application can be used during a Google Meet call modify the code of this one so that it can support the function.

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